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The Athenaeum of Philadelphia
April 23rd, 2008 11:46 PM
The Athenaeum of Philadelphia hosts a collection of house plans from Lansdowne borough.  There are about 400 sets of plans for houses built between approximately 1920-1950.  The "Lansdowne Collection" and the online catalog ( is a great resource for anyone who has a house in Lansdowne built during that time frame, but there is one major problem: most of the houses are not cataloged by address.  Usually, to tell if your house is in the collection you need to know the name of the architect or builder or original owner.  Some of the plans have no information about there origin and would have to be viewed to determine the address (if the house is still standing).  I recently was able to successfully find the plans for a house on Essex Ave. (  In this case I knew the name of the builder, "Tegtmeier" (from the lot description on the title report) and browsed the online catalog until I came upon a listing titled "Bungalow No. 1, Tegtmeier Bros."  I made an appointment to view the plans and confirmed that they were the house I was looking for.

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